Anglesey (Sep 2009)

Anglesey (Sep 2009)

After travelling down on the Friday & arriving at various times we met in The Harbour pub for some good grub & a small amount of alcohol. The Saturday morning we all met up at Amlwch port after a brief tour of Bull Bay, Paul’s navigation is as bad on land as under water. We started loading the Empress that was skippered by Elfyn who was displaying various cuts & bruises from his recent roll around with some thieves who had ransacked his boat.

We set off at about 09.30 and were waved off by Kev, Arlene, Eddie & Lynn who were going sightseeing.

After some engine problems we arrived at the dive site, kitted up and dived The Kincorth. This was a good dive on a wreck, which was teeming with life and covered with soft coral. With good viz and plenty to see, including dogfish & lots of other life. It was soon time to ascend, for those on CCR a longer bottom time could have been had but we managed to lose Scott (for a change) & all surfaced after 35mins.

We returned slowly back to port where Elfyn worked on the engine while we hung around catching some rays (sunbathing) & had a visit to local chippy which wont be getting visited again! We then had our second dive on the wreck of The Dakota, which sank just offshore, near the port. The vis was only around 4M mark but we managed to keep track of Scott this time & enjoyed a good rummage through tonnes of broken china & bails of cloth, lots to see & stroked an octopus that swam across my path.

On Saturday night we all decided to have Indian and Chinese takeaways at the cottages followed by a few drinks. A few of the lads went across to the camp sites bar & enjoyed a few pints to the strains of the German national anthem sang by Hans Gardner, valuable lesson learned don’t mix diving with politics!!!

Sunday morning we were back at the port this time loading our gear on to Julieanne. As well as the 6 of us there were 4 more divers including Elfyn. Terry was skippering on this trip. We had a rocky ride out to the wreck of The Derbent and got there early enough for a leisurely kit up while we waited for slack water. The O.C. divers explored the highest part of the wreck at around 30m while the rebreather divers went deeper and explored the decks and holds. The wreck was beautiful covered from Bow to stern with white & pink plumrose anemones all open & feeding, vis was around the 12m mark & the dive proved to be best of the weekend with the CCr divers taking full advantage of conditions with extended time on wreck. As Elfyn kept saying fill your boots, which we did.

Both sets of divers fell for the same mistake on ascent believing they were on the shot came up a line only to find it petered out at 20M DOH! Mick then showed his skills at mid water deployment of SMB

We had a long wait for our second dive back at port and some our group decided to head off home as it was getting late. No one visited chippy this time Nuf said!

The second dive was The Dakota again but the viz was better than the day before. After the dive Les & Lynn set off home while Paul, Mick, Kev, Arlene & Eddie, who were staying a third night, had a lovely meal in a pub which the camp sites management had recommended, Deutschland Deutschland & all that jazz

On return to the digs Paul & Mick had to stay up & remove some of the ballast from Kevs car so he save on fuel for the return journey, funnily enough all the ballast was wet & in cans marked Fosters. I am always willing to help I just hope Kev tells Don about his cans.

A good weekend with brilliant weather and nice diving. Thanks to Mike Gardner for organizing & Kev & Arlene for the breakfasts including just the right amount of black pud said Hans the baby Bear Gardner.