Farnes (Mar 2009)

Farnes (Mar 2009)

We travelled to the Farne Islands for the weekend of 21/22 March. Usual suspects in tow, the forecast was good for Sat and iffy for Sun but hey, lets just do it.

Arrived Fri and everyone met up at Phil's place for a sweet sherry and a rather tasty chili. I had taken my caravan (Wilde mansions)up for the weekend and was sharing with Ali so we, the good guys then turned in for the night. (see no mention of Tony's dog blanket or the fact he whimpered all night because he was cold).

Next morning found we couldn't launch at Seahouses as the barrier was closed so our other option was Beadnell. Two dives round the back of Longstone with a trip into Seahouses in between for cylinder refills and we were back at Beadnell. The visibility was about 8mtrs (yup I had Billy's glasses on) the two Paul's Nesbitt and Kiss had an enjoyable dive playing with seals, and Mark completed some of his Ocean diver drills.

Its funny how when one diver takes his mask off for clearing skills everyone else nearby immediately gets cold. Apart from an octopus and a couple of lobsters that Phil caught there was little life about, but it is still early in the season. The second dive was less vis and murky with not much to report.

Back to the caravans, spruce up and off out for some dinner, (again I'm not going to mention Tony crying at the dinner table because someone had two chips more than him or that later he snuggled up in bed with Paul K cause he was cold, nudge nudge)

Sunday arrived and so did the wind, (Just to clarify, I mean the weather) arrived at Beadnell to see a group of Welshmen coming in from an early morning dive and they looked like they had had a good battering from the elements, so we decided to abort the diving, another factor was the tractor driver closing the barrier due to the weather.

Good old British diving eh!

Kev W