Tenerife (Feb 2010)

Tenerife (Feb 2010)

The gang

  • Kevin W
  • Pam Pedersen
  • Les Dixon

The children

  • Tony Harker
  • Paul Kiss
  • Carl Swinerton

The 6th Feb finally arrived and off we went to Leeds Bradford airport arriving bright and early we settled down to a 41/2 hr flight with no entertainment to Tenerife. We had bought the children some colouring books and crayons so all was well.

The Dive centre staff (www.Dive 24-7tenerife.com) picked us up from the airport and took us to our accommodation which turned out to be excellent self catering apartments.

The gang in one and the children tucked up in the other. Which turned out to be a good move as they were trying to outdo each other every night in the snoring department, I think Paul won.

Palm Mar is a quiet small sized town but has a good choice of restaurants, over the week we dined at a Tapas (two), Chinese, Indian, Italian and twice at what became our local, Clusoes bar where they held a steak night. I think everyone enjoyed all the food over the week with the only tears from Tony regarding the size of the portions. (No surprise there then!)

The next morning we met up with the other two of our eight divers, Ken and Jane from Ireland. The trip was their idea and they invited me to join them when they first decided to dive Tenerife. I have known them a couple of years now and they are a lovely couple.

And so to the diving, sites included the inevitable shakedown/checkout dive, Stingray City, Yellow Mountain (which is named after the view of the mountains, from the boat, when moored over the actual dive site), Shark cave (yup, there isn’t any), Balcon Del Mar, Candisto the concrete wreck, Grouper ridge and Par mar Caves, Some sites we visited twice completing ten dives in all over the five days. Paul and Tony also took advantage of the ten dive holiday by practicing DSMB at the end of every dive, going from useless at the beginning to hopeless at the end (just kidding ;))

Surprisingly the checkout dive proved to be one of the best with us spotting Stingray, Trumpet fish, Scorpion Fish, Arrow crab and a good sized Cuttlefish. Over the week we saw more cuttlefish, turtles Octopus and some large shoals of smaller fish (whose proper name escapes me but another name for them was bastard grunts - honest)

Not forgetting the customary Madonna at one site (no, not the one that sings)

The staff from Dive 24/7 Nikki & Dave who run the show and Dive masters in training Luke and Dean were very good and very quickly became friends rather than staff. If I was planning another trip to Tenerife I would definitely go back and dive with them.

The last night saw the children getting restless (Bless) and after spending the day walking round the shops of Los Cristianos (where after claiming to be one of the “lads” all week Pam showed her true colours, and showed a clean pair of heels to the rest of us as soon as we were in range of some retail therapy.) They travelled back into town for the night and hit some of the trendy bars.

Finally thanks to all who went for a great week.

Kev W