Wastwater training weekend (Sep 2008)

Wastwater training weekend (Sep 2008)

So Friday 26th September finally arrives and the motley bunch start arriving at the hotel (low wood hotel) at Wastwater. After booking in we all agree it was worth all the hard work (well Mike’s hard work to be exact - thanks Mike)getting everyone sorted with rooms and partners of choice. The food turned out to be excellent and once everyone had eaten and partaken of a sweet sherry or three we all turned in for the night.

Next morning we had one of the best breakfasts I have had in a b+b, it was huge. The staff even offered flasks to anyone that had not brought one with them. Then with bellies full it was off to the lake, the mist hanging in all the hollows and obscuring the hills at the far end, but with the sun starting to break through we were sure it was going to be a nice day.

So to the matter at hand, we had five instructor trainers at our mercy and were confident of keeping them on their toes. Kev took Mike G and Hedley for an in-water RB and recovery refresher whilst Paul Nesbitt took Paul and Tony for the OD2 & OD3 open water lessons. Stuart took Sally & Mark for OD1 and Nigel gave a dry suit refresher to Catherine (Phil the fireman’s wife) and Les went along for the swim. Whist this was going on Roly , Phil, & Mark W went for a dive.

Then we had our first bit of bad luck, Paul suffered a sharp pain in his eye whilst descending on his first dive, he had burst a small blood vessel in his eye and although not serious was unable to dive. He joined Alan snorkeling. Alan was taking advantage of the trip to improve his fining technique. After a short surface interval I took Mike and Hedley for mid water SMD deployment and both performed this without problem, Paul covered OD4 with Tony, Stuart progressed sally and Mark with OD2 and Nigel showed Les the joys of navigation and shot laying/retrieval.

The days diving ended at about 3:15pm and it was all back to the hotel for tea and biscuits. Phil then gave a lesson on RB and CCR to the Ocean diver students , he had brought a mini resuscitation mannequin with him. Even those who had covered the subject previously realised that there had been changes to the syllabus and the importance of keeping up to date with current information and techniques. So thanks to Phil for that.

Most of the group had an early - ish night, the fresh air taking its toll.

Up with the larks on Sunday (that would be 8ish) At breakfast we found out who the loudest snorers were And as I’m too much of a gentleman I cannot divulge the ladies name. Other things we found out about individuals in the group, Mike doesn’t like too much Black pudding for breakfast and Tony taped Paul snoring during the night (no one asked why - but agreed he needs to get out more) and so off to the lake, for various reasons the numbers had depleted, some had returned to work, some were feeling unwell (not due to the food or sweet sherries I hasten to add) and some could only get a one day pass from the wife. Nuff said……

Nigel and myself were the instructors today and I took mike for DL rescue using Sally as victim oop’s I mean casualty . I thought this would be a good experience for her, Hedley was used for the CBL part of the exercise due to the depth involved. Nigel took Tony for OD5.

When all training was completed the group then went for a dive to the pinnacles - minus Sally who had a date with Paul’s bucket, unbeknown to him (don’t ask). The weather was good all weekend and many of the group have showed an interest in returning again next year.

Finally thanks to the non divers who gave support in the form of general public during scenarios and more importantly surface cover for those in the water.

Kev W