Wastwater training weekend (Sep 2010)

Wastwater training weekend (Sep 2010)

So 17th, 18th and 19thth had arrived. The bunch of divers and none divers arrived at Low Wood Hotel Wast water. After booking in we all met down stairs for a nice pint of “Orange” and waited for the main reason we went for “Food”. Thanks to Headly for sorting the accommodation out and food menu. We all had a good laugh at the only copper in the village Nigel who started off on the right side of the waitress. After a few pints of “Orange” we called it a night. After a long night with Paul “Lard” snoring Tony managed to get a couple of hours sleep. We got up and made our way down stairs to breakfast and had a nice fine English. The staff offered to fill any flasks with tea or coffee.

We all made our way down to the lake with the clouds trying to rain but it held off and came out quite nice. We had four instructors who gave their time up for training us knuckle draggers “Thanks”. Kev Wild\Paul Nesbitt taking Tony, Paul, Les and Mick for our CBL to the surface, rescue breaths and towing. Nigel taking Neil and Nigel Green to do some compass “Wink, Wink” work and DSMB/ Stuart taking Michael to sort out his weights and buoyancy.

All went well and we had a good mornings diving. We had an hours break tea and sandwiches. There was a slight South Easterly wind 9mph and it was a bit overcast. Water temp was 12 degrees, viz was about 4 meters until some divers hit the silty bottom and stirred it all up. We all got back in the water for the second half of the days training and put all that we had learnt in the morning into practice and combined it all into one. The day finished and we all went back to the hotel for a de-brief and a pint of “Orange”, tea and biscuits. We all went up for a couple of hours sleep with all this fresh air taking its toll. We all went up about 7ish for our tea and had a good laugh at Nigel the only copper in the village. The food was fantastic, good staff and service made the night. We all turned in after a few and met up in the breakfast room again.

Day 2 was miserable and raining but we made our way down to the lake and did a few more exercise. Apart from Paul “Lard” falling over twice and Paul Nesbit thinking he was “Sponge Bob Square Pants” taking his mobile into the lake and trapping his finger in the boot of his car it all went well, Ha ha.

Thanks again to all the trainers from all the students and thanks to Pat for shore cover.

Tony Harker